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Beach Life Candle 12oz

Beach Life Candle 12oz


Hand Poured 100% Soy Wax Candle with all natural wicks.


Our beautfil 12oz  luxury candle scent is a salty ocean breeze with a hint of mystique, Beach Life fragrance oil candle.  Mineral-rich sea salt,  like a spa fragrance, cardamom and orange peel top notes balance a rich heart of sea salt resting on an aquatic base of palm, light musk, and amber.


Top notes: Orange Peel, Cardamom
Mid notes: Sea Salt
Base notes: Amber, Light Musk, Palm



Burn Time: 60-84hrs

A typical estimate for larger candles averages 5 to 7 hours for each ounce, giving a 12-ounce candle 60 to 84 hours of burn time.