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Tobacco Vanilla Diffuser

Tobacco Vanilla Diffuser


Indulge your senses with our Reed Flower diffuser all natural fragrance oil through the flower and releases it into the air. Our diffuser are a custom oil blend non-toxic, eco-friendly base with alluring, sensual aroma.  An aroma created to enrich your senses. 

Aromatic spice notes and fragrant tobacco leaves intertwine with creamy vanilla, spicy cacao, the new-mown hay nuance of tonka bean, and the aroma of tobacco blossoms. The sweet tonalities of dried fruits and resinous woody notes blend together to enhance and complete this fragrant accord.


Top Note: Tobacco Leaves, Creamy Vanilla
Mid Note: Spicy Cacao, Sweet Tonalities ,
Base Note: Tonka Bean


Size: 150ml 
Longevity: 4-5 months